Weekly Wellness Tip

     Breath of life exercise:

Nourish your organs, reduce stress, anxiety, improve immunity, body sensation, muscle relaxation and connect  with whole, present yourself.

  • Breathe deeply into the abdomen, so you create a buddha belly on the inhale. On the exhale simply relax and let go making a sighing sound. Repeat 10 times.  

Special Offers

Spring in to April

90 minutes Hypnotherapy for the price of 60 mins  £70.00


Hypnotherapy: for weight loss, habits, change, fears, career relationships, confidence etc..   

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Experience our NEW unique Aroma products tailored especially for needs. Natural, pure raw ingredients that are free of 'nasties'. No chemicals, parabens, or preservatives-just pure nature and love!

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At Zari Jivan Holistic wellness we are dedicated and passionate about personal growth, well-being and freedom. We offer  a unique, wholesome, wellness experience for the mind, body, heart and soul- through one to one therapies, workshops and worldwide retreats. 

Our aim is to facilitate a blissful and awakening journey back to your true essence and a radiant life. Our treatments and workshops are designed to open your heart, expand your awareness and nourish your whole being. 

Our professional training, global experience and expertise will guide and support you, to discover the miracles and power of living as your authentic, fully alive, empowered, loving self.


Say YES to yourself and YES to your life!

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